Finding an Expert

At Expert Witness Consultants, we know an expert witness can make or break your case. We aim to always provide our clients the scientific and technical advantage relevant to their cases. Through our strategic collaborations with international expert witness companies and individual consultants we could recommend the most appropriate consultant to serve your case.

At Expert Witness Consultants we make the sourcing of experts easy, in 3-step.

We select the best experts to assist in your case.
Tell us about your case, the type of expert you want, and the issues the expert needs to address.
Expert Witness Consultants will source the experts that fit your needs and provide you with a quotation for the work intended.
You select the expert most suitable to your case.

Speak with Our Team

If further assistance is needed, please do not hesitate to call or email us at addres or call us on +357 22 795 020.
When you request an expert from us, we work as part of your team at no cost and no obligation to you until retention. Once you decide on an expert, we will take care of the administrative work so you and the expert can focus on your case.

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