Accidents happen in the workplace, in public places and in the home. Personal injury matters encompass a wide range of expertise. Most of the fatalities are caused by falls from a height, slips, trips and falls, machinery-related and vehicular-related incidents. The Workplace Safety and Health Act requires employers to report workplace accidents, dangerous occurrences and occupational diseases.

The scope of the forensic investigation includes the following:
1.    Evaluate internal and investigation reports, witness statements, documentation and photographs; 
2.    Conduct site inspection and evaluation; 
3.    Collection of physical evidence; 
4.    Examine damaged materials, transferred evidence, conduct chemical analysis to identify chemicals, perform simulation experiments to investigate the reactions and compatibility of chemicals; 
5.    Evaluate industrial processes, work practices, systemic vulnerabilities, and review safety protocols and compliance of practices with best practice;
6.    Determine the mechanism and function of equipment, as well as the properties of materials; and
7.    Reconstructing the sequence of events and the possible actions of persons involved in the incident.

1. Failure of equipment or safety measures 
•    Damage of an underground electrical cable. 
•    Scuba and rebreather drowning incidents
•    Failure of safety harness and webbing sling
•    Physical injury while operating a rotary abrasive grinder

2. Falls from a height 
•    Falls from high-rise buildings
•    Fall from a stack of concrete at a construction site

3. Road traffic collisions, marine collisions 
•    Fatal traffic accident involving a dump truck in a manufacturing facility
•    High-speed boat collisions

4. Electrocutions 
•    Electrocution of an arc welder

5. Asphyxiations 
•    Asphyxiation by carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide while clearing a choke in the manhole of a canteen sewer

6. Gas and chemical-related fires and explosions 
•    Subterranean gas explosion during maintenance work at a water valve pit
•    Fire in ventilation ducts 
•    Fire in the recently painted ballast tanks of a ship
•    Explosion and fire due to offgassing of blowing agent in a shipping container of Styrofoam products
•    Chevron Oronite chemical explosion
•    Chemical explosion during manual mixing of sensitive, unstable chemicals 
•    Fire at a chemical waste disposal plant
•    Explosion at a dump site due to reactive and flammable chemicals