The purpose of traffic accident reconstruction is to investigate, analyse and conclude on events and causes in a collision between a vehicle and another vehicle, a pedestrian or roadside object. The outcome of a traffic injury or fatality case, civil liability or insurance dispute often hinges on the testimony of an accident reconstruction expert.

Accident reconstructions rely heavily on the correct application of physics, mathematics and vehicle dynamics, as well as a balanced evaluation of human and environmental factors. To reconstruct a traffic accident, experts may:

•    visit the accident scene to evaluate skid-marks on the roadway, final rest positions of the vehicles, debris and other physical evidence, and take measurements and photographs,

•    examine the vehicles for damages and transfer evidence (paint, blood, glass, fibres, etc),

•    review prior reports, sketch plans, witness statements, and data collected,

•    extract, enhance and analyse video footage of an accident,

•    conduct simulations and evaluate various factors that potentially contribute to the accident.

Findings and opinions are stated in a formal report that can be tendered in Court as evidence. Where necessary, our Reports may contain any of the following information:
•    the timeline and sequence of traffic events,
•    locations, orientations, trajectories and speeds of vehicles and pedestrians,
•    impact point,
•    line of sight (blind spots)
•    vehicle dynamics,
•    road and environmental conditions,
•    human factors,
•    evasive manoeuvres and collision avoidability