The ability to conduct Social Network Forensics is now a fundamental requirement within digital forensics as this media is used excessively in crime.
The abundance of Social websites have exploded – For Example (FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Instagram).

Forensic Assessment have the ability of conducting Social Network Forensics, not only capturing data historically but also live, including the metadata of these sites, and this enables us to see deleted material and perform broad unified searches across the data not only looking at the information visible to the user, but also hidden or encrypted backups, or fragments that remain after deletion.  Furthermore, an investigation could be combined with a cell site analysis to further revel date on 
•    Documents
•    Maps & Locations
•    Social Media History
•    Call Logs & analysis
•    Text Messages (Inc. deleted)
•    Contacts stored on the phone
•    Images including any that are deleted
•    Emails including any that are deleted
•    Internet History

Forensic Assessment can address Social Network Forensics across all the leading social network sites, and this is invaluable to assist an investigation develop, and ascertain the full facts.

Cell Site Analysis can assist in the following:
•    Attributing contact between parties.
•    Show the proximity of a person in relation to a scene of crime.
•    Support the attribution of an association of a mobile number to a person.
•    Support the attribution of an association of a mobile number to a specific address.
•    Show patterns of movement between areas or a specific route.
•    Show if a number of people were in close proximity together.

Covering all frequencies and networks, Forensic Assessment are able to scan all networks simultaneously and record this data, and we cover 2G 3G, 4G and even 5G.